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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on January 25, 2013

Since I started PEN DEMON this blog has been rather neglected. Aside from reposting my more edited pieces, the only new content on this site has been the occasional Quote of the Day.  So, in an effort to keep my firstborn on life support, I’m going to try feeding it the rough drafts and half-finished pieces I have lying around. At best, I’ll be inspired by comments or expressed interest to polish them up as fodder for the other site. At worst, I’ll have a cloud backup for my word orphans.

Here’s one to start:

Curiosity is the most vital quality a person can possess.

Love. Honesty. Kindness. Loyalty. And all those noble characteristics of fairy tale heros are admirable, but I believe curiosity is king. True curiosity breeds knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Without it, people are maliciously reprogrammed and lulled into egotistical complacency.

The rampant fear mongering on both sides of the recent gun debate is a good example of what I mean. Most of the arguments I hear are regurgitated sound bites that either rely on soft numbers or misdirect to unrelated issues. Worst of all is the argument for curbing First Amendment rights (e.g., the need to censor movies and video games) in favor of protecting the Second Ammendment. As much as I agree that we do need to have a discussion about guns, it should be driven by a desire to understand the underlying causes, not emotional reaction.

Before I become too political though, let me get back on topic-

It’s not hard to be curious. It’s human nature. It’s the reason Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Everest and Magellan circumnavigated the globe. It’s why Neil Armstrong stood on the moon and we have a rover on Mars. It’s the core of science and our modern age.

But somewhere along the way, society’s primary question became Who? instead of Why? and the celebrity culture was born, snuffing out its predecessor with a hazardous idiom of fear.

CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT. Maybe I don’t understand the expression because I’m don’t have a cat or never heard the right story. But it doesn’t make much sense, right? Other than to serve as a linguistically obscure caution for those who ask too many questions in the pursuit of knowledge, which I find nefariously misguided.

Obviously the wrong kind of knowledge in the wrong hands can be dangerous, but that’s only if one’s curiosity stops. If people stop asking why, they stop searching for truth and foolishly assert that they know something with absolute certainty, relative to all of time and space in all dimensions. And that kind of mentality leads to atrocities committed in the name of religious and political ideologies. Just ask the Doctor.

Take my rambling for what it is – the musings of a twenty-something religious apostate in a nation that’s fearfully tearing itself apart. I see the same fear being used in the debate about gun legislation that was used to pass the Patriot Act, the NDAA, etc etc…. And the fear frightens me.

I grew up getting into trouble for picking fights in the form of a question. I was raised largely by the Internet and its endless databases of knowledge buried under layers of misinformation. So I like to think I’ve learned to dig through the dross and distinguish between fact and fiction, even if it’s disguised in clever linguistics, and it isn’t hard. Tedious maybe, but simple.

Never stop asking, “Why?”


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