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Flashback 2012: Part 2

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on January 2, 2013

If first impressions hold up, 2013 and I are going to do just fine. The buckets of junk food I ate yesterday don’t count. Shut up, I can quit whenever I want! *EATSTUBOFRICEPUDDING*

The worst part of the new year is returning to work, which comes with the burden of wearing pants, the perfect matching shackles for a windowless dungeon cell of a cubicle. I want to start a cubicle company named CUBICELL – The brand you trust for all soul-sucking, peon-trapping needs. Fortunately the next few months should drastically change my professional landscape, and I can’t wait for the challenges and opportunities it brings. I’ll elaborate more as the gears of progress begin to wind.

On a related note –

Despite constantly sparring with my ego and sufferers of “green-belt syndrome,” I am still training in and teaching martial arts. The year started with the unfortunate passing of Jerry Poteet, one of Bruce Lee’s original students and a dearly missed mentor. The year improved from there, and I earned both a brown belt in JKD (technically Xuan Tan Gung Fu) and a Silver Glove (black belt equivalent) in Savate, but not before having my nose smashed and ass handed to me by a Savate fighter from Belgium. They consistently trade places with France as the best team in the world though, so it was a great – if humbling – experience. Maybe I should eat more chocolate before my next fight…

This year I plan to earn my JKD black belt and significantly improve my Jiu-Jitsu training. Translation: I want to effortlessly demean dangerous fuckers who use their weight  as a crutch against smaller fighters, like a landmine disguised as a brown recluse.

As with previous years, I’ll force feed you the rest of my personal minutiae with a short list of predigested bullet points:

  • Finally saw Brother Ali perform live
  • Attended a talk by KRS-ONE at the Last Bookstore about the history of hip hop
  • Avoided any serious vehicle issues – much appreciated after 2011
  • Converted back to the Cult of Mac
  • Played Diablo 3 and leveled a wizard to 57 before he perma-died of carpel tunnel and boredom
  • Played the Mists of Pandaria Warcraft expansion, leveling my warlock to 90 and gleefully melting panda faces with a new legion of demons
  • Only 2 camping trips in 2012 – Joshua Tree and Idyllwild; itching for many more in 2013
  • Continued refining my efforts as a minimalist, specifically with regard to mental clutter
  • Got braces for a second time, almost exactly 10 years after they were originally removed (despite wearing my retainer)
  • And, though not about me, 3 of my friends got engaged, which must be a sign that I’m getting old(er)

Oh, and I grew a personally epic beard this year with handlebar mustache and all. It was fun for a while, glorious even, but eventually it created more work than it saved from not shaving. In short, I earned a new appreciation for the hair problems of porn stars every time I sneezed.

With that visual, I say goodbye to a year of social frustration and slimy politics.

Bring on 2013.

I’m ready for the year with a flaming kick to the gonads.


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