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Flashback 2012: Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on December 28, 2012

Trash bins bulging with shredded wrapping paper, shiny new toys, empty bank accounts, and the scattered remains of an evergreen rainforest means a new year is around the corner, waiting to stab 2012 with a shiv and bury its body in the mass grave of history.

As with every end world prophecy and Discovery Channel special, the Mayan apocalypse was a disappointment. So now you have to endure my traditional year-end retrospective, which is about as interesting as watching me shove pencils up my nose and dance in the mirror like a lascivious walrus. I already registered SEXYSEAL[DOT]COM for my webcam business, so don’t even try to corner that market.

It’s been a hell of a year. I’m not sure how much opium Chinese astrologers were smoking when they ordained 2012 “Year of the Water Dragon.” This angry fucker flew by in a flaming typhoon of social and natural destruction capable of reducing Tolkien’s Smaug to an angry kitten. Fortunately I’ve managed to forge a bit of armor in the smoldering embers and it’s time to plot my revenge.

At the end of last year’s post I made two goals 2012:

  • Learn Linux and migrate to open source
  • Develop my own style/voice by reading a lot and writing even more

So did I migrate to Linux? Not exactly. I worked on Xubuntu for a month but soon caved and sold my ideals like a dirty politician for chic GUIs and convenience. After 11 months of Windows, I’ve crawled back to my pimp, Grandmaster APPLE Sauce, and bought a new laptop. There’s no denying it. I’m whore for good design and experienced with turning tricks on a Mac.

As for the more important goal-

Between 2008 and 2010, I published 28 posts. In 2011 that nearly doubled, which catalyzed the goal above. Then 2012 arrived and elbowed my confidence in the teeth.

I subscribed to multiple subreddits on writing and began reading blogs like terribleminds, which encourages creativity with lethal directness and swearcraft strong enough to melt the face off a legion of trolls. It’s inspiring, but equally humbling.

At the same time my reading habit grew into an honest and sincere addiction. It started with the tongue tickling prose of Stephen Fry, who introduced me to Steven Pinker, Guy Deutcher, P.G. Wodehouse, Oscar Wilde, and (most importantly) Christopher Hitchens.  Alongside these I freebased works by Hunter Thompson, David Sedaris, Chuck Palahniuk, Terence McKenna and drank in Fitzgerald, Vonnegut, and others. This year in total I read a somewhere between thirty and forty books.

BUT, I didn’t write nearly as often as I read. Overwhelmed by literary braingasms and stretched for time, I struggled  between inspiration and doubt. I’ve just finished a yearly audit of my work though, and the results are clear: investment equals return.

Despite my feelings of inadequacy, I published 56 posts in 2012, again doubling the corpus of my blog. That’s more than I thought, but I can do better.

In 2013, I will read 52 books and publish at least the same number of short stories and blog entries. That’s a minimum of 104 published posts. Should I fail, you can spam my inbox until my computer explodes and glass shards from the screen lacerate my retinas. Dual matching eye patches will make me think twice before failing again.

With a newly constructed platform and the creative fuel of collaboration, I plan on splattering the walls of 2013 with ink grenades and word tanks like a hypergraphic Jackson Pollock. Watch out for splash zones.

[To be continued in Part 2, where I discuss everything from beards and ninjas to pandas and demons.]



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