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Storm’s a comin’

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on November 20, 2012

With the chaos of the holidays just around the corner, my next few months look busier than a porn star kiosk handing out free Fleshlights. I couldn’t be happier.

No, I didn’t buy a Fleshlight. I could never justify spending a grip of cash on a fuckable piece of plastic. I’m happy because the impending tsunami of textbook minutiae and tedious training means my exodus from cubicle hell is nigh. By February I have to earn my NASM certification and learn the finer points of managing a health club – two vital components in my position as the general manager for the new studio. I almost feel like I’m back at school, without the chaotic keggers and confused mornings.

I’m looking forward to working where I feel comfortable. For the last three years I’ve had more in common with the action figures decorating my cubicle than any of my coworkers and their cookie-cutter conservative ideologies. They mean well, but continually watching the contortions they go through not to see a point, whether ethical or operational, wears on my sanity like a cheese grater removing a tattoo. It ain’t pretty.

What has me even more excited though is my writing. Ok, maybe not the actual act of writing, which can be akin to hammering a hot nail through your frontal lobe with a banana. Rather, I’ve really started to focus my craft on a  few specific goals. And, as cliche as this sounds, intent makes a big fuckin difference.

I’ve also realized how crucial it is for me to collaborate and escape the isolated valley of solipsism that is my job, which makes it difficult to feel creative or inspired. However, I recently started collaborating with a couple friends and have written several short stories, outlined an idea for a novel, and started my own website (which I’ve been meaning to do for years).

The combination of new work, imaginative collaboration, and good friends gives me hope amid the growing uncertainty of international unrest. I take comfort in knowing that even if Israel completely loses their shit and starts the final chapter of the World War trilogy, I need only a pen and a few close companions to keep on going.


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