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Random Ruminations #4

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on August 17, 2012

This is my blog, dammit! So you’ll forgive me if I indulge in a brief episode of ego mania.

One of my purest pleasures in life is dumbfounding zealots with logic. I relish the experience with unhindered, euphoric delight. To witness the crumbling foundation of a megalithic emotional argument, the kind of which is perpetuated by the same inbred fanaticism that stands for everything backwards about Western culture since the Enlightenment, tickles me with glee like a kid on ecstasy in a room full of puppies at Hogwarts. So sit back, relax, and listen to my self-obsessed tale of reason conquering naive belief.

One of the trickiest tenants of religion is the notion that one’s beliefs will be externally challenged as part of god’s will, and a faithful servant of the almighty tyrant must hold fast to his beliefs in the face of persecution. More simply put: if people question your beliefs, on some level they are acting as the devil’s advocate and seek to lead you astray like Eve and her nefarious apple. Taught from an early age, before the mental capacity for critical reason has even developed, this flawed and devious reasoning precludes its opposite, summarily dismissing any possible counter argument and reinforcing belief by presupposing inevitable conflict. Allow me to paint you an example.

Yesterday I was walking along with Steve, a daily acquaintance of mine, when he spontaneously decided to begin a discussion about Christianity, which he often does in his unending quest to save my soul from hellfire and eternal damnation. He declared that Christianity is under siege by an ever growing number of enemies, referencing the recent Chick-fil-a homophobia fiasco as an example, while other religions with similar or worse ideological prejudices, like Islam, are not equally attacked. This, Steve argued with a resolution reserved for the most haughty and cocksure, is irrefutable evidence that Christianity must be true.  Those who proselytize always feel obliged to share their “truth” with nonbelievers.

Before he was able to continue spewing this ideological vitriol, which his gregariousness would have insured, I interjected with the observation that other religions are persecuted on their own terms, for countless reasons beyond homosexual intolerance. And furthermore, I added, Christianity is the largest religion in the world, and the top dog always has the most competition. Had I been compelled to put a shiny feather in my thinking cap I would have concluded by saying “That’s basic Darwinism in action,” but I was determined to end this discussion before it could incubate a moment longer. His only response after a momentary stutter of realization was, “That’s true…”

That’s the end of the story, but as I indulge my own ego by boring you with this trite victory, I also wish to point out the megalomania required to buy such illogical bullshit, namely that persecution signifies truth – correlation is not causation.

Less than a century ago, as every half-educated person knows, Hitler rose to power by rallying the naive mobs of Germany behind his Shoah, or Holocaust, which he called “The Final Solution.”  Millions were killed in a matter of years. Millions.  Think about that number for a second. The largest gathering of people with whom I have ever been immersed was probably at San Diego Comic Con, which averages an attendance of 150,000 people. It would require the slaughter of approximately 74 of these conventions to approach the number of people killed in concentration camps. Or, if put in terms of my university, which had a population of roughly 27,000 during my attendance, it would require 408 campuses. The number of people killed is difficult to comprehend, over half of whom were murdered for their belief in Judaism.  And yet I guarantee Steve would never admit Judaism is more correct or true than Christianity, despite the relative indifference of powerful Christian establishments, like the Catholic church, during this atrocity of mankind.  Of course Christianity has been victimized as well, but over the last 2000 years, from the time of Christ’s crucifixion, through the bloody eras of crusades, inquisitions, and other religious revivals, they have done their share of persecution.


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