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Random Ruminations #3.5

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on July 12, 2012

History is written by the victors. This axiomatic expression has been attributed to everyone from Pliny to Churchill, yet too many people readily dismiss its importance as casually cliche, at least in America. At the risk of sounding pretentious and making gross generalizations, of which I am too often guilty, I rarely meet any of my civic peers who take a genuine interest in history, beyond the superficial mythology taught in primary schools. People turn up their noses at the suggestion of reading a history book, seriously asserting Rafiki’s facetious statement that “it doesn’t matter. It is in the past.” Which is probably why our society has fallen so far in the eyes of the global community.

I don’t understand why people would prefer to adopt their opinions from shock jocks rather than read books and come to their own conclusions. Do they think they are not as intelligent as these diuretic assholes? Or are they just lazy? Our society claims to value individuality, but we define our entire political spectrum on a binary left-right scale. Nothing is black and white, so why do people look at politics this way? Every election year people will shout for change, naively believing that one political candidate will be the necessary catalyst, but it takes more than one man. Change requires understanding, which you can’t obtain by checking a ballot box.

Another axiomatic proverb, usually attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, says, Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. And poor minds discuss people.  Turn on any news station and you will have an idea of the minds our media caters to. Politics is more about politicians than ideology these days. CNN sounds like a never-ending episode of Big Brother rather than the bygone critical commentary of noble men like Edward R. Murrow. Such a claim will be labeled as emotionally liberal, but only because those critical are threatened by their own ignorance.

I rant and rave about politics and religion on my blog more than anything else because I understand the effects of their rapacious relationship over the last few decades. I get so angry, so vehemently annoyed, that people don’t care. Indifference is not caring. And while I know it’s not good form to yell and criticize, how else do you communicate with people who have their ears plugged stubbornly with white earbuds? My pugnacity arises from a passion for truth, not insecurity or insensitivity, and because I believe that truth can take a thrashing from the best of its opponents and come out unscathed, otherwise it isn’t truth.


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