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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on June 15, 2012

“What makes Republicans and Democrats any different than Bloods and Crips?
Absolutely positively nothin.
Bloods wear red, Republicans have red states
Crips wear blue, while Democrats have blue states
Bloods are right side Repubs are right wing
Crips bang left side Democrats are left wing
Bloods and Crips fight for territory on the streets
Republicans and Democrats fight for territorial seats
It’s goin down if you catch Mr. Clinton in a Texas town
With nothin but Republicans around
He’ll go the way of them people George executed
He should’ve known he was outta bounds
And Snoop aint no safer on 108th and Crenshaw
And they don’t care who invents law
He’ll see them red flags hangin and them black chucks flamin
There aint no difference between these people it’s all gang bangin”

Greydon Square, “Pandora’s Box”


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