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Diabolic Consumerism

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on May 15, 2012

I have a dirty secret – a guerrilla demon burrowed deep within my psyche more stubborn than religion and more crafty than addiction, although it posseses the characteristics of both.  Years of self-reflection and metacognition have freed me of numerous psychological prisons, but I am still gripped by the cognitive dissonance of consumerism, America’s real religion.

Today is the release of Diablo 3, the third and final installment of Blizzard’s medieval dungeon franchise, and last night I spent hours and gallons of gas speeding around town searching for a collector’s edition of the game, to no avail. Driven by consumer lust I tried again this morning, racing through the half-opened doors of a local Target as my demon stoked the flames of false hope. Again I walked past the checkout queues downtrodden and devoid of anything but disappointment for my efforts, making the shame of my actions all the more poignant.

Most people would not see anything embarrassing about my behavior. Afterall, it’s common for people to line up days in advance for a new iPhone or movie release, and a video game isn’t all that different. But it’s precisely such psychotic obsession with STUFF that creates so many problems in the world, and I’m ashamed to be afflicted by this brand of psychosis. Unlike World of Warcraft, which has been a huge part of my adult life, Diablo isn’t even a sentimental game for me. I only wanted the collector’s edition so it would conform to the rest of my collection, which is probably worse than wanting it for any number of other reasons. The avaricious demon knows just how to exploit my OCD tendencies.

Unfortunately like most addictions, my awareness of the problem does little to assuage the craving, and sadly, desperately sadly, I still foolishly lust after a collector’s edition – its sleek white packaging, detailed art book, epic soundtrack, custom diablo statuette and enviable digital goodies, the lack of which leaves me feeling like a kid at the lunch tables with PB&J while the other kids enjoy fresh hot pizza.


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