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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on April 27, 2012

Last night the Republican members of our deceptively named House of Representatives defiantly passed the Cyber Intelligence Security Protection Act (CISPA), despite President Obama’s threat to veto the bill and countless admonitions from the foremost authorities on technology and civil liberties. This audacious move further supports the notion that America is in fact a Corporatocracy, willing to sacrifice the lives, liberties, and happiness of the majority to ensure the vested interests of an entitled few.  I am literally shaking with rage.

For a country whose national religion is anti-Communism, our leaders have certainly learned to take advantage of Lenin’s “useful idiots.” These self-righteous members of America’s cretinous mob are everywhere. They are naive, despicable dolts who support the conservative party for all the wrong reasons, either moral or due to a skewed, inaccurate understanding of how our government functions – people like my aunt.

At dinner with my family last Sunday, my mother’s sister, who was visiting from out of town, broke the unspoken rule of our household and initiated a political discussion.  She boldly asserted, like so many ignorant proponents of Ayn Rand’s libertarian ideals, that all government regulations should be dissolved. Not wanting to argue the finer points of Adam Smith’s economic theories, I simply responded by pointing out the harm it would have on the impoverished members of our society.  She responded, and I’m ashamed to admit I’m even remotely related to this woman, that they aren’t going to starve and as long as the poor have food in their stomachs they’re happy.  (I’ll give you a second to process that, although take a deep breath so you don’t smash the nearest thing to you.) I almost got up and left forthwith. Passing over the hunger issues already prevalent in our society with regulations and government support, how daft do you have to be to believe such nonsense?! Forgive me as I seem to have veered of in a tangential diatribe, but hopefully you understand the type of person I mean.

When I take a deep breath and look at it all, however, I have a hard time staying angry with people. It’s not their fault they’re brainwashed consumer zombies, not really. The last few generations have grown up in a wealthy culture of distraction and poor education, which is itself the result of our Corporatocracy. As its affluent facade begins to fade, exposing the real nature of our circumstances, more people are awakening to the scary uncomfortable truth. And the government, realizing their theatrical curtains are not as opaque after the digital revolution, foolishly keeps trying to tighten its grip like a punk in prison showers desperately gripping the soap.

I can’t write anymore. I’m too angry. Fuck it.


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