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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on April 2, 2012

“I write one page of masterpiece to ninety one pages of shit. I try to put the shit in the wastebasket.”

Ernest Hemingway


I’ve started, stopped, and deleted quite a few entries recently, and my inability to produce anything more substantial than a prosaic bit of narrative is becoming rather bothersome. I think part of the issue is my latest effort to read more about writing, which has been informative while also creating a neurotic maelstrom of stylistic apprehension. Arguably for the first time as a writer, I’m acutely aware of my own voice and its lack of individual quality.

Some days, when my cynicism peaks, I’ll do my best to emulate Thompson in whatever diatribe spews from my drug addled excuse for a brain. Other days are succinct, like Hemingway. And on days when I need reassurance on my quest for perpetual self-improvement, I’ll flush out ideas with metaphors and rhetorical questions like Kaku and Hancock. But rarely do I hear my own voice without it passing through some filter, which is the ultimate goal of any artistic practice.

Another issue is genre. Most of the resources I’ve found about writing focus on fiction, which I love to read, but I prefer the more tangible subject matter of journalism. It would be a dream come true to one day write for Vice or Rolling Stone, although I harbor no delusions of grandeur.

Ultimately I need to write more and get over the ridiculous notion that everything has to be gold, because most of it is going to be shit anyway.


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