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Commercial Christianity

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on March 23, 2012

Maybe it’s the recent GOP circus. Maybe I’m just older and more observant. Or maybe my disdain for religion has simply grown over the years. But when did Christianity become the hot ticket for marketing?

Christian bands. Christian dating sites. A Christian political party. Christian clothing companies and other “ethical” Christian businesses.  Everywhere you look, “Christian” is the new stamp of approval for public consumption.  Why go with the alternative when you can support other Christians? After all, that’s what Jesus would do.

Except Jesus wasn’t a religious fanatic, politician, businessman, or hypocritical profiteer. If I recall correctly, the only instance in the Bible where he shows any kind of contempt is towards merchants corrupting a temple with their capitalistic endeavors, which he quickly disperses with an outburst of Hulkian rage. Albeit the people seeking monetary or political gain by advertising their beliefs aren’t necessarily doing so on sacred ground, nevertheless they’re using His name (Christian) to do so, which seems pretty vain, and I think that dude Moses said something about that.

So again I ask, when did the Christian label become a profit booster? I have a hard time seeing humility and tolerance among supporters of such an asinine trend in consumption that breeds out alternative points of view, whether intended or not. I don’t mean this as an attack, more an admonishment for self-reflection among those influenced by such a cheap marketing ploy.

Considering I grew up Mormon and dealt with countless jokes and diatribes about harassing missionaries, I find the omnipresent assault of Christian advertising ironically tiresome.


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