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FW: “Forced Abortion Pills”

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on February 10, 2012

Some writing ideas are carefully formulated, researched, and pondered over the course of a couple days or a week.  Others slap you across the face and punch you in the solar plexus before you’ve cleared the dried, sleep-induced mucus balls from your eyes in the morning.  Today’s post is brought to you by a close-minded, egotistical, shallow witted coworker, who violated my inbox this morning with his feculent ideologies.

In today’s news the hot political topic that’s being covered is not the gross abuses in Syria, the nefarious international sister acts of SOPA, or even the rumors about Kim Jong-un’s assassination.  Instead everyone is focused on recent legislation requiring religious institutions to provide contraceptive options as part of their insurance plans.  So in typical fashion of bipartisan drones, ABORTION is the hysterical buzz of the moment. Being the good concerned Christian citizen my coworker is, he felt compelled to email everyone in the company a petition to stop such vial action by our totalitarian government, because, of course, he believes in FREEDOM.


Just to be clear, he supports libertarian ideals when it comes to government regulation but abhors the idea of individual autonomy. We can’t let people decide what to do with their own bodies.  Conservative logic, if it can be called that, makes no fucking sense to me.

I’m no longer religious, but I did study the Bible for 18 years of my life, so I like to think I at least understand the basic tenants of Christianity, which values the idea of free agency as one of its core beliefs – mankind was sent to Earth to learn and grow and make our own decisions, even if they are wrong, and only through Christ can people be redeemed for their sins.  Did I miss something there?  I know it might be an oversimplification in some regards, but that’s ultimately why the Bible says we’re here.  So what’s the point of FAITH if people don’t have a choice of what to do with their lives?

I don’t think I possess the vocabulary to accurately convey my frustration.  Personal beliefs aside, there’s a reason you don’t bring up these sensitive political issues in the work place.  Freedom of religion encompasses all beliefs, not just Christian ones.  I’m more than happy to discuss political issues, but when it comes to moral grounds, there is no right or wrong, and assuming you know better only pisses people off, especially when you’re a misogynistic cretin driven by blind emotion rather than logic…

Thankfully I’ve never had to make the hard decision of whether or not to support an abortion, but I think it’s an utter violation of individual sovereignty to dictate what someone can and can’t do with his/her own body.  There is nothing more fundamental to the idea of liberty, the difference between slavery and autonomy.

I’m fairly certain the Christian God hates election years as much as I do, and looking at our candidates this year, I’d probably schedule the apocalypse for December too.


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