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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on February 1, 2012

“To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to be ever a child. For what is man’s lifetime unless the memory of past events is woven with those of earlier times?”

Marcus Tullius Cicero


As a child I never understood the importance of keeping a journal, especially because so many people that offered the cliche advice didn’t keep one themselves.  Fast forward a few years and a little older, little wiser me now understands.  A journal, or any kind of personal record, demands self-reflection, which is utterly lacking in our modern culture, what Terence McKenna calls the “dominator society.”  I’ve been called narcissistic, egotistical, pretentious, and a host of other esteem-boosting adjectives over the years of maintaining a personal blog, but those empty words disappear under the weight of time as I continue to ruminate my growth, which is itself a self-perpetuating process. There is nothing more humbling, reaffirming, and painfully funny as looking back at a concrete image of yourself composed in your own words. Know your own history so you can write a better story.


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