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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on January 25, 2012

January is almost over, and I have yet to write my summary review of 2011, partly because I’ve been working on other writing pieces, and partly because the year wasn’t nearly as exciting as 2010 in terms of activity, but it was an intense period of personal growth in many ways.

The year almost literally began with my Honda dying of hypothermia after it snowed in Santa Clarita, a rather peculiar tragedy that forced me to ride my trusty motorbike, Shadowfax, everywhere regardless of weather conditions.  Consequently I became a much better rider, despite accruing two accidents on my record (one my fault, the other because of a punk kid in a Lexus). It was an ominous beginning to a year filled with proverbial mountains and valleys.

Typically I would write more about what happened, but I made a distinct effort to write more often, rendering a larger reflection unnecessary.  So instead of typing out a pedantic record of events, I’ll defer to the best friend of many academics – the list.


Highlights of 2011

Disneyland, lots of Disneyland

Magic Mountain, 1st time in 6(?) years

Won my first three Savate fights (3-0)

Was promoted to Assistant Instructor

Earned high red belt (1 rank away from black)

First long distance motorcycle trip (Sacramento)

Attended my fourth consecutive Blizzcon

Saw Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA

Played ALICE 2 (waited 10 years for sequel)

Did stunts for a short film

Finally earned SCUBA certification

Saw Sims/Eligh/Zion I/ The Grouch in concert

Didn’t go to jail (always a plus)

And at last got my own apartment


I’ve also started reading a lot more than in previous years, which has helped fuel my writing efforts.  In one year I more than doubled my blog posts from the last four years, and that doesn’t even take into account the unpublished writing I’ve started accruing. Like any exercise, writing becomes easier and eventually compulsory the more it’s done.  My one goal for 2012 is to write even more, with more substance and style, which will evolve the more I read.

Oh, and Linux.  My other goal is to learn Linux and completely migrate to open source.  With the world going to shit and our government being run by corporate bureaucracies, I refuse to support companies that keep information for themselves in order to influence personal gain.  Human knowledge belongs to the world, and the free dispersal of information seems to be the only logical way of promoting altruistic gain.

Until next year.


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