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Fuck the Fuzz

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on December 29, 2011

This is going to be one giant rant with very little substance, so you might as well skip this post unless your literary palate is craving the salty taste of perpetual swearing…

I hate cops more than most things in life – more than bugs, hair in my food, hangnails, car alarms, or taxes.  Universally, police engender more fear than comfort, like menacing gargoyles who ominously patrol the streets with an air of divinely appointed entitlement, rather than the altruistic agents of social service and protection they claim to be.

The night I graduated high school I was jumped by an inebriated group of six cretins from my graduating class.  I managed to escape with a few minor bruises, but when I called the police to file the assault, I got shit from the dispatcher for being out late, and the police never came.  A few weeks later, however, when I jaywalked across a street no more than 20 feet wide, the police were more than happy to be around and issue a ticket.  I still remember the rosy-red, alcoholic face of the fat fuck who put me in the back of his patrol car just to issue the ticket.  It’s a very poignant memory and the genesis of my loathing for the domestic “guardians” of American society.  My distrust and suspicion has only been fertilized over the years by similar harassment experiences with the police.  They have no interest in protecting citizens, just preserving the severely broken and corrupt system that enables their abuse of power and maintains social stratification.

Although I have a fairly nice apartment, I live in one of the poorest areas of Santa Clarita.  A short walk around my complex and you will see more minorities than throughout the rest of the city, with large families living in 2 or 3 bedroom apartments, and not enough parking to go around.  Regardless, one side of the dead-end street in front of my complex has no parking between 7AM-6PM.  This is not because of street cleaning, or because parking would obstruct traffic throughout the day, but because it’s a fucking ticket farm.  The city knows that most people have a hard time getting up before 7AM, so it’s easy money to target those who can’t find parking.  Yet if I go to any of the wealthier parts of town, specifically areas with houses, then there is street parking galore, despite the fact that some areas with open street parking are barely wide enough for two passing vehicles because of all the cars.  Visiting my parents can sometimes be a tedious exercise in threading my vehicle though walls of unnecessarily large SUVs, but the rich white suburbanites don’t have to worry about moving their cars if they don’t get up before 7AM to fetch their feculent lattes from Starbucks, especially because it’s these same assholes who elect and empower the local police force.

Fuck money and the police.  The disenfranchised should handcuff the dogs and whore them out for money like the social scum they are, only $5 more for the “taser experience” where you get to electrocute the bastards after degrading them and issuing a fine. $10 for the deluxe package that includes pepper spray.

Undoubtedly people will criticize my diatribe as a biased, juvenile tantrum against an establishment that does more good than evil, but personal experiences have only demonstrated otherwise.  I consider myself to be a good person, human fallacies not withstanding, yet without fail I enter a state of heightened caution every time I see a police officer, especially recently with the political state of things.  With the way being paved for martial law and the militarization of our police, it’s only a matter of time before a violent clash erupts between the police and the people they’re supposed to protect.  Parking tickets are merely the salt in an already festering wound.


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