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The Last Ten Minutes

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on November 21, 2011

4:50 PM.

The combination of those numbers – with its abbreviated Latin postscript – fills my body with a paradoxical mix of fear and elation, the former progressively giving way to the latter with each passing second.  Only ten minutes remain.

With the stealth of ninja, I quietly collect my personal belongings so as not to disturb the native inhabitants working in my proximity.  Although I have mastered the art of silently zipping backpack compartments, picking up the capricious orchestra of devious keys remains a daunting and formidable task, which I typically save for last.

One by one I close the idling programs on my antiquated computing machine, which more closely resembles an abacus than its more recognizable modern counterparts – this alone helps to pass the seemingly endless stretch of fourth dimensional space living between incarceration and freedom.

4:57 PM

The clock’s face mocks me like a sadistic clown.  Like an early warning system, I listen carefully for footsteps on the industrial office carpet that might indicate someone is approaching.  A few times I’ve actually considered hiding under my desk to avoid the degrading ritual of a superior assigning more work he is too busy to finish, because he himself is leaving.

4:59 PM

I can taste the fresh air as the adrenaline from an anticipated release heightens my senses, resurrecting faculties suppressed to survive the inhumane torture of eight hours in front of a computer screen, sorting through mind-numbing spreadsheets and troves of needless emails sent to avoid any real human contact.  The taste is titillating, like the moment before a first kiss when the heat from a partner’s breath permeates your body and ignites your core.  Almost there –

5:00 PM



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