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Bat Country

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on August 2, 2011

Bill Murray once told Johnny Depp that spending time with and playing the role of Hunter S. Thompson changes a person, and a bit of Thompson takes over for the remainder of a lifetime. Unfortunately for the damned fools of my generation, the bastard killed himself, staring not down the barrel of his beloved gun, but towards the grim reality of corrupt politicians raping his dear America while her children helplessly watch.

Everywhere I look the Constitution is vilely abused, all in the name of “the greater good.”  The conservatives are now more radical than the counterculture liberals of the 1960s, virtually holding the country hostage based on supremacist beliefs bordering on Nazism.  Meanwhile I have a hard time reconciling the words “Democrat” and “liberal,” but so would the founding fathers if they were cursed to still be alive.  Perhaps they’ll return as genocidal, flesh-eating zombies to take back their country by killing all the natives.

They already did it once.


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