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Friday Afternoon

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on July 15, 2011

It’s 4:11pm on Friday, July 15th of 2011.  Exactly 49 minutes away from 63 hours of freedom.  I have thoroughly browsed reddit to the point of exhaustion and now feel compelled to write as a means of procrastinating for the remainder of my corporate incarceration.  I have nothing worthwhile or of note to record, so this will probably be rather Joycean.

Reddit used to be a good site, a lot like Facebook, which I migrated to after Digg (/Myspace) became outdated.  Unfortunately as digital communities gain popularity, the trash that fills their virtual streets eventually overflows, and they become polluted empty facades for the un-empathetic mob mentality of a self-righteous, egocentric generation.  My generation.

Like most technology, I question the value of the Internet, which the U.N. recently declared a basic human right.  Undoubtedly it has done wonders for the sharing of information, playing a vital role in events like the recent revolutions in the Middle East.  Conversely, I think it has created an extremely disconnected world in an age of connectivity.  People converse online, through faceless text, rather than in person, and we have a false sense of human interaction.  Furthermore, the young men and women of my generation have grown up in a world completely different from that of our parents, on a level of disparity greater than that between our parents and grandparents, creating even greater disconnect.  As absurd as it may seem, I fear a future reminiscent of the gluttonous media whores depicted in Pixar’s Wall*E.

Online dating – what a horrendous notion.  Instead of meeting people through a common interest, you can now google prospects with your interests and hope their virtual presence is no worse than what you might experience on a first date, where everyone is typically on their best behavior and carefully hiding any character flaws that make an individual unique.  Randomness passes for originality in these superficial realms, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the tediousness of it all.  Rejection becomes as easy as closing a window or pressing the delete key, numbing individuals to the emotions that make us human, not just a match percentage.

How many lives have been ruined because of the emotional void produced by faceless demons who lurk in the dark corners of pornography, gambling, and fetishes that can be indulged without fear of reprisal?  Or, even more deviously, the myriad methods of distraction from real life available in the form of games, videos, and blogs with half-assed ideas and fecal philosophies, much like this one.  None of our parents’ friends failed out of college because they played too much Warcraft.

Despite my cynicism, I am as much a slave to the Internet as any of my peers.  Without it I feel disconnected.  Like a junkie who needs his fix, I fill my syringe with 1’s and 0’s and happily plunge it into the closest vein.


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