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Japan :(

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on March 15, 2011

When Katrina hit New Orleans, I watched a couple news stories and empathized with the plight of my fellow Americans.  When Haiti’s foundations shook the country to a state of ruin, I read the reports and commended efforts to help the struggling country.  Now, however, there’s Japan…

Perhaps it’s my vivid memories of the Northridge earthquake in 1994 and the sympathy I can truly feel for the people of Japan, or maybe it’s the unfathomable destruction caused by the subsequent tsunami, but for some indefinable reason(s), the crisis currently tearing apart the most technologically advanced nation in the world has had a profound effect on me, and I wish there was something I could do.

There’s a lot I want to write, but I don’t know where to begin.  I would discuss my disdain for the abhorrent behavior of opportunistic politicians and profiteering businessmen who are using this tragedy to promote their anti-nuclear agendas while calculating potential monetary gains and losses, but that would only serve to undermine the imperative focus on humanitarian needs.

I know that my writing doesn’t reach many people, but, lacking the financial means to help, I can at least voice my concern.  Although I got rid of Facebook, I’m aware of the vile trend perpetuating status updates like, “I could care less about Japan, it’s just karma for Pearl Harbor,” and I’m sickened by the naivety of anyone ignorant enough to post such dross. I don’t think these Jersey-Shore-watching, raised truck, Neanderthal “Americans” realize how reliant we are on technology that comes from Japan.  The repercussions of this disaster will not only affect the native population, but could potentially stymie technology development in ways we’ve never seen as a modern global society.  I’m afraid not only for Japan, but for myself and the rest of the world as well.

With Japan in ruins, the Middle East in revolution, and the U.S. cultivating its own civil unrest, I have a hard time sleeping at night.  I grew up in a society that promised me a fairytale of work and opportunity in a more tolerant and growing global economy, but it feels more Brothers Grimm than Disney.


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