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My Top 10 Albums

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on August 7, 2010

“A good album should tell a story.”

In recent years I have become a self-proclaimed music junkie.  I’ve always liked music, but listening was a more passive activity, like an ambient soundtrack to my life rather than a defined appreciation for the Art.  Now I cannot get enough music.  My twin brother has always fueled my interest in different genres of music, and at some point I hope to have a fraction of his musical knowledge (as well as his understanding of audio and the corresponding human anatomy).

In addition to being the origin of Art and its evolution, I also believe music is the most important.  It defines memories, feelings, and conveys ideas to audiences that would otherwise be mentally deaf.

Although I cannot possibly pick a favorite album, here is a list of my personal top 10, either because they greatly influenced me or I associate them with certain favorable periods in my life.  In no particular order:

  • Enema of the State – Blink 182
  • Drunken Lullabies – Flogging Molly
  • A Beautiful Mind OST – James Horner
  • Process of Belief – Bad Religion
  • Energy – Operation Ivy
  • Siren Song of Counter Culture – Rise Against
  • Gladiator OST – Hans Zimmer
  • …And Out Come the Wolves – Rancid
  • Sublime – Sublime
  • Global-A-Go-Go – Joe Strummer

And some very close runner-ups:

  • The Fellowship of the Ring OST – Howard Shore
  • Pick a Bigger Weapon – The Coup
  • And many more…

What are your favorite albums?


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