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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on April 14, 2010

I have been extremely neglectful of my writing in the past month, although I have started several entries: one about Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, and my growing appreciation for the his work as I grow older; and the second about an epic trip to Joshua Tree National Park involving some (literally) crazy hikes, dehydration, a desert oasis, a close call with a baby rattlesnake, and an endangered baby desert tortoise – one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in the wild.  I may get around to finishing those, but this post is about Disneyland.

As a kid I used to go to Disneyland every year for my birthday.  I have very fond memories from those visits filled with parades (most notably the Electrical Light Parade), fireworks, and Pirates of the Caribbean in its original, politically incorrect glory. Twenty years later those are still some of the best birthdays I’ve had, which always ended by immediately passing out in the car on the drive home.

As I grew older and my family moved farther away, I became more interested in Six Flags and their “extreme” roller coasters that I could almost see from my house.  I vividly recall putting on three pairs of socks with thick soled shoes and spiking my hair with a gallon of gel in order to make the height requirement for the bigger rides. For years I went to Magic Mountain and forgot all about my love for the Magical Kingdom.  That is until I went to college.

While at UCI, I decided to get an annual pass to Disneyland.  It was only twenty minutes away and was one of the cheaper things to do for entertainment in Orange County.  Initially I only went a handful of times, but I slowly began to look for any opportunity to make the short drive down Interstate 5. Weekday trips after Latin class were a fairly common occurrence, and I began to really appreciate the deeply embedded culture of the theme park.

Beyond the surface of movie-themed rides and costumed characters roaming Main Street, there is a near impossible amount of detail in every nook and cranny of the park – hidden treasures that take many return visits to discover and truly appreciate (like the Eeyore hidden in the Forbidden Temple, or Julie Andrews’ horse on the carousel).  Like a great work of art, there’s always something new to notice.

And unlike the roller coasters at Magic Mountain, I never tire of the rides at Disneyland.  Although some have changed since I was a kid, they still evoke many fond, carefree memories.  It seems the older I get, the more I love visiting.

Unfortunately I have no clever way to end this entry that neatly ties my thoughts together, so I will end by saying that I’m down to go to Disneyland whenever anyone wants to go! 🙂


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