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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on March 24, 2010

Three years ago I went through one of the toughest periods of my life, a perfect storm of bad luck and misfortune that included a severe motorcycle crash (the weekend before spring quarter finals no less).

Before beginning my story, however, I should include a little background about motorcycles and those who ride them.  Riding a motorbike is addicting and, once you’ve ridden one, the itch to continue riding never really goes away (even after a couple crashes and a pretty jacked up knee).  The speed, exhilaration, exposure to the elements, and inherent danger of motorcycles is an experience you can only understand firsthand, which is why most riders maintain a shared sense of community with other riders. Consequently, if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that most bikers wave to each other on the road when passing in opposite directions – a friendly gesture between complete strangers that always makes me smile.  Now on with my story…

It was a sunny Friday afternoon and I was headed home from school on my brilliant lime green Kawasaki Ninja.  As I headed down the road in front of campus, a young woman named Esther Kim made a left turn out of the local In-N-Out.  She started to pull out of the parking lot and then stopped, so I assumed she had seen me coming.  As I got closer though, she suddenly accelerated into the middle of the road.  A split second later Ms. Kim must have seen me because she froze like a deer in the headlights, effectively barricading the entire street.  I rapidly pulled in the clutch and slammed on both the front and rear brakes, but I quickly realized I would not stop in time.  Left with only two options, one being a Superman dive over the car, I laid down the bike and watched it grind to a halt with a thud at the driver’s side door.  Meanwhile I slid to the left and barely stopped myself before crossing into oncoming traffic.  Disoriented and in shock, I quickly tried to gather my bearings and get my bike out of the road.  I distinctly remember people honking because the shattered remnant of my bike was holding up traffic..

Fast forward a few weeks and I had just purchased a 1997 Honda Accord (a hasty decision that has plagued me with mechanical failures totaling more than the car’s worth) but I needed the car to go out of state for a funeral.  As I was leaving work headed towards the 73, I saw a biker approaching from the other direction.  Instinctive muscle memory shot my left hand up to wave but was met with a loud knock of knuckles against glass- I had windows… cause I was in a car… If my life was a sitcom, the studio audience would have unanimously emitted a sympathetic aawwww.

For the last three years my desire to ride a motorcycle has only grown exponentially, much to the dismay of my mother and others.  Fortunately I recently was able to buy the bike I’ve wanted since 2006 – a Triumph Daytona 675.  Although the salesman gave me quite a headache (saying things like I need to get into shape and BS about the bike I know isn’t true), I am finally able to ride again.

I bought the bike a week ago last Friday, and I drove it to class the next morning.  As I headed down the main street of the city, I saw another biker approaching from the other direction.  My hand went up to wave as we passed, and the biggest grin stretched across my face.  It’s good to have a motorcycle again.


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