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Nil nisi amorem optavero

Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on July 8, 2009

The wind was bitingly cold that night, but the brilliant moon illuminated the beach in a manner he had never seen.  The sky was filled with glowing clouds that merged with the sea, creating a landscape more intoxicating than a masterpiece by Monet.  In all the countless nights he had been to the beach, nothing compared to what he saw.

Still, as he sat on the damp, swollen wood of the lifeguard tower, shielded from the wind by only a thin layer of canvas, he wasn’t wearing his glasses.  Given any other circumstances, his myopathy would have been easily corrected, but he didn’t want the scratched lenses of the glasses to obstruct his view of her.

By some manner of fortuitous serendipity, they had ended up on that beach miles away from the metropolis where their night began.  He sat huddled next to her, hoping she wouldn’t ever want to leave.  He put his arms around her in an attempt to shield the ferocious wind, but amusingly droplets of water fell from the roof of the structure as if to say, “You’re going to have to leave at some point.”

As they sat looking over the ocean, exchanging few words, he let out a few short breaths that could be equated to a giggle.  The muses must have a sense of humor he thought, reflecting on the circumstances.  For years he had secretly pined after her but knew that nothing would ever happen.  Now that he was there, and something was happening, he began to worry that she might disappear from his sight, and he would once again curse his myopic eyes.


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