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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on June 27, 2009

I have written about this before, but I always like to compare my thoughts on matters as time progresses.

Since my nihilistic journey away from religious indoctrination, I have always firmly believed that a fulfilling life requires passion, which I’d like to carefully distinguish from it’s adjectival relative passionate.  Anyone can be passionate about one thing or another, but  I believe that people who truly have a sense of passion, passion for life, who suck up everything around them like a sponge and wring themselves out so they can soak up more, are very rare.  The modern world of hypermedia and communication is too distracting and too many people focus on life rather than just living.

A key reason I became an Art Historian, aside from being no good at art myself, is my love for studying artists.  No other kind of person, in my opinion, looks at life and passionately embraces it like they do.  Artists take the time to look at details most would never notice.  Their study of color or sound and its effect on human emotion makes me believe that they understand the world better than physicists or doctors.  Their commodity, more than anything, is emotion, which can trump logic and reason any day of the week.

A few months ago I met a man named Glen Keane on a house call I made for work.  As I came to discover, Glen is one of the animators at Disney, the creator of characters like Ariel, the Beast, and Tarzan, among others.  His study was bursting at the seams with books about art and every major artist from the seventeenth century onward; I didn’t want to ever leave that room.  We sat and talked for hours, discussing our favorite artists, philosophy of art and religion, and in general our mutual love for life and the beauty you never expect to discover.

I left that day with a very strange but familiar feeling.  For the first time in nearly four years I had a genuine conversation with someone about our mutual passion for being alive, and it rejuvenated my spirit just having that connection.  I was genuinely happy that afternoon.

Ever since I have sought out that type of connection with people because, quite simply, that is what makes me truly happy.

“Richard loves you partly because of your passion for life.  He loves you because you fight for it with everything you have, with the same ardor as his.  You have already proven that.”  (p. 963-964, Stone of Tears, Terry Goodkind)


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