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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on June 22, 2009

2:20 AM

“you up?”


“Dude, r u in scv? Wanna have a smoke?”

“sure; text me when you’re here”

I turn off the blinding blackberry screen and roll out of bed.  Nights seem to be unusually topsy-turvy lately.

2:23 AM

“I’m here.”

“be outside in a sec”

I put on a sweatshirt and quietly walk down the hall towards the stairs, attempting to avoid the squeaky floorboards. I gently open the front door and walk out into the crisp night air.  The cool concrete on my bare feet is a welcome sensation.

“What’s up dude?” I say more as a salutation than a question.

“Nothin’ much man,” comes his rote response.

After we find a comfortable spot to sit and smoke, which often varies from roadside curbs to convenience stores or dirt hills with a good view, we begin our nightly dialectic.  Flashes of light from the bic’s ignition illuminate our faces as the combusting plant matter creates hypnotic wisps of smoke and we discuss a mutual friend of ours.  Well, I listen more than discuss, but even still I am only partially engaged.  My mind is wandering and I can’t seem to organize my thoughts in a rationally cohesive manner…

“So what do you think?”

I’m jettisoned back to the present and respond with a half-assed opinion I derived from the beginning of our conversation.  We talk a bit more before calling it a night, and depart our separate ways with a manly hug.

Inside I stealthily slip back into my room and begin writing about one thing or another before the obvious key to my mental dissonance becomes snidely apparent:  I simply have to be patient.


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