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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on March 11, 2009

Me: So out of all the people you know, how did I end up being labeled “The Crazy Fuck”?

Me: don’t get me wrong, I love the Mad Hatter and some good tea with a disappearing cat, but I was just curious.

TJ: hahaha

TJ: cause you are one of the most random people I know

Me: and here I thought you were praising my sexual prowess. O well, I’ll take randomness as a compliment

TJ: haha it’s not randomness

TJ: you’re just crazy

TJ: in a good way

TJ: you’re über smart, but smoke like a chimney

TJ: you were raised mormon, but def don’t follow the rules now

TJ: you’re a secret fat kid, but are in really great shape

TJ: not to mention the kinds of things that come out of your mouth

TJ: or the things you’re willing to do/try

TJ: = crazy Fuck

I ❤ Tammy Jean


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