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Posted in Uncategorized by dagdha on August 13, 2008

To whom it may concern:

For four and a half years – longer than most people’s college careers – I have loyally worked for you. For four and a half years I have diligently worked Saturdays and during extended breaks because no one else would. For four and a half years I have worked the legal maximum hours each week, serving the unruly masses of distraught and infuriated customers while being treated like a dispensable piece of shit by upper management. And after all of this, you write me off because it’s more convenient for you.

Forget the fact that I’ve been around longer than half of the managers (nearly 8 times longer than the guy you hired), and that I can remember back to when you swore like a pirate while working in the cage downstairs, and you still know I am more qualified. Yes, he’s had more ‘official’ supervisor experience, but that’s because there was never any fucking position like that in our department. We’ve never had Lead positions, and if there had been, I would have been one years ago. In addition, I know the hardware better, I know the software better, I know the faculty and staff better, and I know the students – the people I’d be supervising – better. And I won’t even go into the multiple incidents of unprofessionalism that your egomaniacal new hire has had.

And even if you want to disregard my prior service, extensive knowledge, and amicable relationships, I at least thought of you as a close friend. Over the years we’ve spent countless hours discussing camping, motorcycles, cameras, computers, life stories, and similar frustrations with a rotund, partially retarded coworker of ours. So I thought that when I expressed my dire need for a job, and how helpful it would be for my life goals (and dreams) to work on campus, you might disregard petty store politics in favor of a relationship that has lasted nearly half a decade.

But instead you left me up shit’s creek without a toothpick for a paddle because it makes your job easier to hire a douchebag who has already been in the position because then you wouldn’t have to deal with any politics or training. I think you’re going to make an excellent Steven Carter.




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